Best Apps that Help You Strike a Balance with the Sunshine Vitamin!

Information about the Sunshine Vitamin, formally known as Vitamin D, is often enveloped in obscurity and confusion for a layman. Even though food sources are one way of acquiring this essential nutrient, sunshine is considered to be the strongest source of Vitamin D. Nevertheless, exposing oneself to the sun just like that, is dangerous itself.

So, how much sun exposure does a person require, so that they are both safe and able to get a decent level of vitamin D in their body as well? It ultimately depends on numerous factors, such as a person’s age, their current location or area, and most importantly, their skin type.

It is highly recommended that before any individual thinks about soaking their body in the sun, they should take advice from the local healthcare practitioner about their Vitamin D situation. However, if they have received the affirmative from their healthcare provider, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Listed below are some apps that can help one regulate and monitor their time outside under the sun:

REAPPLY: Sunscreen Timekeeper

If you are forgetful and need regular reminders for simple tasks, such as drinking water at regular intervals or reapplying sunscreen before stepping out, then this app will prove to be nothing less than a lifesaver for you!

The mobile app, REAPPLY: Sunscreen Timekeeper, ensure that you wear sunscreen every day without a break. Simply download the app on your smartphone and get notified. In addition to this, the user also receives regular alerts if they have forgotten to reapply the topical sun protector on body parts that are usually most exposed such as arms, neck, legs, knees, etc.

Moreover, app users can also allow the app to access their current location, so that it can read the UV exposure level in that particular area.

Utilize the terrific Spectrum deals to your advantage and find out if it is safe to step outside without a sunscreen re-application. If the app detects that the UV level is high in your location, then it is advised to seek shelter from the harsh sun.

Users are advised to tap the ‘Apply’ button every time they put sunscreen on themselves. Regularly updating the app will only benefit them, as it will notify them when another application is needed.

This is a helpful app, especially if you are planning to take a vacation somewhere close to a coastal region or enjoy spending maximum time at the beach. Besides the alerts, users can also read a large variety of articles, which is meant to widen knowledge on staying safe in the sun and everything related to terms such as UV index, so that one is never clueless about sun exposure-related dangers as well.

REAPPLY: Sunscreen Timekeeper is for iOS. However, in-app purchases are available in the app. Download now! 

QSun—Vitamin D & UV Tracker

Another smartphone app that will keep users updated on sun safety is the QSun—Vitamin D & UV Tracker.

This app comes with a simple interface and is quite easy to use. It is ideal if you want to learn about sunset/sunrise times while also finding info regarding the UV (ultraviolet) index in your current location.

One can begin using the app simply by entering basic details about their current area and the app will display the number of times, a person is most expected to get sunburned in a day. The app has a Sun Exposure Tracker, which updates users with the present UV index and the total duration when you can stay out in the sun before the sun burning starts.

Besides this feature, there is a Sunscreen Indicator, which can be accessed if you create an account. Once your account is set up, the app will update you with personalized options that are based on factors, such as an individual’s skin tone.

But this is not all! The 7-day UV Forecast ensures that users prepare a weekly sun protection plan while facilitating them with live weather updates. With this feature, users are always up to date with the current weather conditions in the city.

Make the best of the Spectrum internet packages and keep in touch with the weather updates of the city. While QSun—Vitamin D & UV Tracker can be downloaded on both Android and iOS, the app also comes with in-app purchases.

The premium plan ensures that users have unsolicited access to advanced features such as Face Analyzer, Professional Vit D Tracker, along with a Mole Tracker. This is definitely a great app for users who want personalized suggestions in learning how to guard themselves against sun damage.

Wolfram Alpha Sun Exposure App

This app is ideal if you are looking for a five-day UV forecast for the week ahead.

The built-in sun safety features ensure that you can plan your trip accordingly and enjoy the sun as well. This way, there is less chance of getting sunburned. Even though you can take help from the app and make an informed estimate that’s based on the user’s skin tone and the brand of sunscreen they usually wear, it will help you determine how long it is safe to stay out in the sun.

This app is perfect if you are planning a long weekend at the beach! Download on your iPhone now!

Sola: Sun UV & Vitamin D Timer

Another amazing mobile app that you need to download on your phone right away is Sola: Sun UV & Vitamin D Timer.

App users can determine their skin type by taking the in-app quiz, which grants access to a detailed chart. This holds info about their current level of tan, frequency of sunscreen usage, and how often flip during their sunbathing session.

A timer is included for the sunbathing session to alert users when it is safe to indulge in the recreational activity and when not to, to avoid burns. Besides this, users can check the present UV exposure in the area where they are currently based.

This can be viewed both on their phone, their iPad, and even on Apple Watch.

The only downside of the app is that even though some of the basic features are free, the advanced ones fall under the premium-pricing plan. So, you will have to select a subscription plan if you are interested in accessing any of the app’s premium content.

Wrapping Up

These solar-based mobile apps are meant to ensure that you are wise about your time spent in the sun, without being sunburned in the process! The focus of most of these apps is on sun safety. Nonetheless, it is always better to stay up to date about the weather.

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