The Best Exalted Shard Recipe PoE

Exalted Shard is a new IP from Blizzard that’s set in the world of Warcraft. In it, you control one of three classes – Warrior, Rogue, or Monk – and play through 10-15 hour long quests, fighting your way through hordes of enemies and bosses. In this guide, we will cover the best exalted shard recipe PoE for warriors. If you’re looking to level up your character quickly and efficiently, this is the guide for you.

The Recipe

The Recipe The Best Exalted Shard Recipe PoE This is a guide on how to make an exalted shard recipe in Path of Exile. It is based on the currency earned through killing monsters and picking up item drops. There are three main ingredients for this recipe: exalt, chalice of avarice, and voidheart. To make the exalted shard, you will need: 1) Exalt
2) Chalice of Avarice
3) Voidheart The first step is to get your hands on some exalt. You can either find it as a rare drop from monsters or purchase it from the AH. Next, you will need the Chalice of Avarice. This item can be bought from the AH or found as a rare drop from monsters. Finally, you will need the Voidheart amulet. This amulet can only be obtained as a random drop from chests in the game world. Once you have all three ingredients, you can start making your exalted shard recipe. First, combine 1/3 of an exalt with 2/3 of a chalice of avarice in your inventory. Then, use an alchemist’s lab to turn this mixture into an essence (you will need to have at least 400 alchemy). Finally, use a crystallizer to turn that essence into an exalted shard (you will need at least 800 alchemy). Congratulations! You have now created your own exalted shard recipe!


To get started in PoE, you will need to have access to the game’s client and server. This can be purchased through Steam, or through various other platforms. Once you have both the client and the server installed, you can begin your journey into Wraeclast by downloading the Atlas of Worlds expansion. The expansion has a required component called the Beacon of Ruin which must first be acquired before it can be used. The Beacon of Ruin is a powerful item that is dropped by rare enemies in the game.

Once you have acquired the beacon, click on “Create New Character” in your character selection screen and select “New Race”. From here, select one of the three races available: Human, Minotaur, or Dragonborn. Next, choose one of five character classes: Barbarian, Shadow Ranger, Templar Assassin, Witch Doctor, or Wizard. Finally, choose one of three unique races: Acolyte of Love (Humans), Harbinger of Death (Minotaurs), or Scion of Flame (Dragonborns). Each race offers different benefits that are important for playing certain classes well.

After choosing your race and class, it is time to begin your adventure! You will need to head over to and create an account if you do not already have one. After creating your account, log in and click on “My Account” in the upper right corner of the main screen. Under “Game Details”,

How to Obtain the Exalted Shard

There are multiple ways to obtain the exalted shard. The most common way is to find a jeweler who has them in stock and exchange your rare item for one. Another way is to purchase them from the Auction House. If you’re looking to craft your own exalted shard, there are several recipes available. The first is to create a chaos primer using the highest level chaos recipe and 3 of the five high-tier fragments. The second is to create an esoteric Alteration Shard using a high-level alteration recipe and 4 of the 5 high-tier fragments.

The Result

There are many recipes for exalted shards in POE, but the best one is actually quite simple. All you need is a currency, a unique item, and a gem level 21 or higher gem. The process is as follows: 1) Start by finding the unique item. This can be anything from a rare ring to an unique sword. 2) Next, find a currency that is worth at least 20 exalteds. Gold should do just fine. 3) Finally, use the currency to purchase a gem level 21 or higher gem from the vendor in town. Congratulations! You have now created your very own exalted shard recipe!

How To Make Exalted Shard Recipe PoE

There are a few ways to make exalted shards in PoE. The most popular way is to create a character and complete the Shaper challenge. This requires reaching level 84, which can be difficult if you aren’t willing to grind. Another way is to farm the rare monsters that drop exalted shards. These monsters are usually much harder to kill than normal ones, so it may take longer to get enough shards this way. If you’re not interested in either of these methods, you can also buy them from other players.

5 Exalted Shard Recipe PoE Builds That’ll Have You Running Brave Incursion In No Time

If you’re looking to jump into the brave new world of PoE with some decent gear, or are just starting out and want to farm shards without too much hassle, here are five exalted shard recipe builds that should have you running incursion in no time.

1. Blade Vortex Build
This is probably the most popular exalted shard recipe build right now. It utilizes Blade Vortex to quickly dispatch enemies, providing high burst damage and utility through its chilling effect and ricochet. The build is relatively cheap to gear up for, and can be leveled fairly easily thanks to its passive skills.

2. Ice Crash Build
This build focuses on stacking as many cold damage sources as possible in order to freeze and shatter enemies. This build is a bit more expensive to gear up for than the Blade Vortex build, but offers better overall performance thanks to its superior freezing ability. It’s also versatile enough to handle othermap types well.

3. Spectral Thrower Build
This build uses Spectral Throwers in order to throw daggers at distant foes, dealing high sustained damage with a chance for critical strikes. The build is expensive to gear up for, but boasts very high single target damage potential along with the ability to kite enemies effectively thanks to its movement speed bonus from flask effects.

4. Elemental Hitters Build

This build revolves around using elemental skills in order to deal massive amounts of damage in a short period of time. The builds relies heavily on

5 Exalted Shard Recipe PoE Recipes

1. To make an exalted shard, you will need the following items:
-A Platinum Ring
-A Vessel of Volatility (3)
-Prismatic Eclipse
-The Exalted Orb

2. The first step is to take the Platinum Ring and place it inside the vessel of volatility. Next, use the prismatic eclipse to create a small hole in the center of the ring. Finally, put in the exalted orb and wait for it to enchant the shard. Once it has been enchanted, remove it from the vessel and enjoy your newly created exalted shard!

Elegant Exalted Shard Recipe PoE

In this article, we are going to present you the best exalted shard recipe PoE. This build is designed to provide a reliable and powerful way to clear maps quickly and efficiently. It functions as both a single target focused DPS build as well as a group support build. With proper management, this build can handle most situations that come its way.

The basics of the build:
-This is a self-found build that does not require any Unique Items or other specific preparations
-It uses the Blood Rage skill for sustained damage output
-The main sources of damage are from hitting multiple enemies with spells and abilities, combined with Blood Rage’s increased damage multiplier
-The cooldown reduction granted by both Fire Shield and Ice Block help keep things sustained
-For defenses, we use Clarity to keep ourselves alive while healing up with Life Leech and Arctic Armor.

This is one of the most popular builds used on PoE servers today. It provides reliable DPS and good survivability thanks to the use of Life Leech and Arctic Armor. The main downside of this build is that it requires some specific gear items in order to function optimally. If you are new to Path of Exile or simply want an easy guide on how to do things, this might not be the best option for you.

25 Exalted Shard Recipe PoE Recipes

If you’re looking for a great exalted shard recipe, look no further! This compilation of recipes will give you the best chance of success when crafting your own exalted shards.

1. Eternal Domination – Requires Level 68 and 5 Fragments of Eternal Domination
Use Eternal Domination to craft an item that grants passive skill points when acquiring kills. This passive is very valuable and can be placed on any character.

2. The Witch’s Brew – Requires Level 50 and 3x The Witch’s Brew Flask Items
Craft this recipe to create an item that grants increased attack speed and life regeneration while in combat. This is a great pickup for anyone looking for a boost in their DPS capabilities.

3. The Gladiator’s Cache – Requires Level 53 and 3x The Gladiator’s Cache Fragments
Craft this recipe to create an item that grants bonuses to physical damage, critical strike chance, and movement speed while in combat. This is a great pickup for anyone looking for increased damage output.
4. Boon of the Hoarder – Requires Level 59 and 2x Boon of the Hoarder Items

Craft this recipe to create an item that increases the amount of items found while looting corpses. This is a great pickup for anyone looking for more rewards from looting bodies.
5. Fervor of the Gods – Requires Level 67 and 1x Fervor of the Gods Item

Craft this recipe to create

5 Exalted Shard Recipe PoE Recipes That Couldn’t Be Better

1. The Perfect Exalted Shard Recipe – Requires a total of 4 Divine Orb fragments and 2 Ethereal Fragment

2. The Immortal Call – Requires a total of 3 Eternal Orb fragments and 1 Gemcutter’s Prism

3. The Phoenix Arrow – Requires a total of 3 Eternal Orb fragments and 1 Blessed Orb

4. The Hungering Arrow – Requires a total of 2 Eternal Orb fragments and 1 Blood Ruby

5. The Breaking Point – Requires a total of 1 Eternal Orb fragment


In this article, I am going to teach you the best exalted shard recipe for PoE. This is a great recipe because it gives you a lot of stats for your character, and it’s also very easy to get. If you are looking for a good exalted shard recipe, I Recommend using this one.

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