How to record pc screen with audio?

In today’s digital world content is very important and capturing quality content can be a tricky task.

With all the advancements in technology files, there are various programs being developed that can be used to record quality videos. There are many tools available that will help you record videos easily and with great quality.

The main question now arises is which program you use to create content. We have tested different programs and found one of the best programs for recording the videos.

TweakShot Screen Recorder is one of the best programs that you can find to record a PC screen with audio. This simple program is filled with features that will help you to record videos.

Download the program from the link below:

Tweakshot Screen Recorder

TweakShot Screen Recorder

TweakShot Screen Recorder is a great tool that will help you to record your screen and capture screenshots. This simple program offers different modes of video recording. Using this program, you can also record videos of your screen in 4K and HD quality. This program also lets you record webcam, gameplay, and screen overlay.

Features of this program: – TweakShot Screen Recorder

  • You can select multiple screen
  • You can record Webcam and its overlay
  • Also lets you record audio using a microphone.
  • You can add a watermark to your recordings.
  • 4K and HD quality video recording is possible.
  • Take screenshot of while recording video
  • You can also record live streaming and video stream

How to Use the Trial Version of TweakShot Screen Recorder?

Now the question that arises in your mind is how to record a PC screen with audio. This simple answer to this question is provided below.

1. For using the program you have to download and install it from the link below.

2. Once the program is installed it will auto-launch however if it does not launch you can double click on its icon located on the desktop.

4. Now you will see a simple tutorial so that you can learn about the program.

5. In the next screen you have to choose the type.

Full Screen – Select full screen for recording.

Select Region – Records only selected area

Select Window – Personally selected areas will only be recorded.

Webcam – If you want to record webcam video.

Note:- There are different features that you can use to use the program according to your needs.

5. Once the settings are selected you have to click on the Record button.

This will help you to record screens according to your needs.

Note:– You can only record 2 videos without a watermark and time limit using the trial version of the program.

Use PRO – Version of TweakShot Screen Recorder to record more videos.

You have to upgrade to the program version to record more videos without a time limit and without any watermark.

Features of this program:

There are many features of this program however

Record in 4K

TweakShot Screen Recorder is a simple program that will help you record videos in 4K also. You can also record videos in HD quality and in different formats like Mp4, FLV, etc.

Video recording modes

You can record videos with and without audio. You can also record videos with the entire screen, or of a specific region, or a particular section of your computer.

Add a Customized Watermark

For better videos and content creation you can also add a watermark on it. This will help you to create copyright videos.

Webcam recording

You can create videos using the webcam and webcam overlay.

Take a Screenshot

You can also capture screenshots of different types like a single window, selected window, region, scrolling window, or during the recording.

Make an audio recording

This program uses a microphone to create audio recordings. This program can also record videos with audio using a microphone.

How To Capture a Screenshot While Screen Recording

Step 1:  Once the program is downloaded you can normally use the program, However, if you have not downloaded the program you can download it from the link below:

Step 2: Once the program is installed you have to register the program using the license key purchased previously. The license key of the program will be delivered to your email after purchasing of the program.

Step 3: Once registered you can use the program with full functionality.

Step 4: Once the recording mode is selected you have to click on the Record button to start the Recording.

Step 5: Now in between the recording for taking the screenshot you have to press the F11 key or you can click on the little camera icon.

Step 6: Once the recording is finished you have to open the Recording Folder, you can do so by clicking on the Hamburger icon located on the top right corner of the program window.

Step 7: In the new explorer window that opens you can watch all your recordings.

Verdict: –

There is always a need for creating content in this digital world.  Without the particular software it is nearly impossible to create quality content. Therefore, for recording the PC screen with audio we are using TweakShot Screen Recorder. TweakShot Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorder software that you can find. This simple program is loaded with the features that will help you to create quality content. If you are asking this question: How to screen record on windows 10 with audio? Then you are in the right place.

Using this program, you can also record zoom calls and skype calls.  This program enables screen recording of all the streaming videos. This program is available in two versions that are Pro and Free version. Using the Pro version of the program you can record videos without watermark and without a time limit.

You will also get a 60 days money guarantee with this program so that you can take a refund of your purchase if you are unsatisfied with the program.

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