Women’s Football To Grow The Game

England’s national football team competing in the semi-finals of major tournaments is nothing new. This is what is happening at the Women’s World Championships 2015 and 2019 and the 2018 World Men’s Championships. But this time I feel different. The British lioness makes this country an amazing tool.

The overwhelming positive reaction following the US team’s defeat in the semi-finals spread across the country. There is a feeling that women’s games are going to be bigger than ever.

The semi-finals broke a record of 11.7 million viewers in Great Britain. This game is currently the most watched TV show of 2019 in the country. The question is how to get the most out of it. Where is women’s soccer going?

The answer is relatively simple, especially when it comes to TV: I don’t want to sell myself to the highest bidder. Don’t kill your audience before it has a chance to develop. There is financial pressure to pay players, but there is a risk of getting burned and undermining the game’s long-term future.

Instead, the strategy should be thoughtful and thoughtful, focusing on attracting larger sponsors and gaining exposure to the mass market. In short, it holds an important position in open publications.

An upgrade has already been proposed to take advantage of Lioness’s performance at the World Cup. It has been reported that the Premier League is close to facing the Women’s Super League. The league was recently backed by a £ 10m sponsorship deal with Barclays.

However, with an average viewership of less than 1000 on match day, clubs are under pressure to enter into more favorable broadcast and sponsorship deals to fund players’ wages. But watch out for revenue growth from TV stations. In other team sports, there are many cases where the long-term pursuit of money is not satisfying.

Not cricket

In addition to world football, England and Wales will host another World Cup – the ICC Cricket World Cup. But beyond the regulation of the match, there is little awareness of it. This is partly because it is not 해외스포츠중계live on terrestrial television.

The tournaments are held behind pay TV walls, making the sport of the UK undoubtedly a success. Only English cricket accuses him of being a forgotten World Cup.

The National World Cup was a great opportunity for cricket to introduce itself to old fans and interact with new ones. Recent studies show that despite structural changes to cricket in the past two decades, local competition has suffered from poor financial conditions, low attendance and low participation rates.

Cricket sold his soul to Sky Sports after the glorious summer of 2005 when England was thrilled live on Channel 4 as the hosts won home a streak of shimmering ash trees. The decision to put the sport behind the pay wall after this franchise caused cricket to decline in popularity in England, despite rising revenues.

Interestingly, Cricket will return (partially) to free streaming with the latest TV deal (2020-2024) to bring the sport back to the public.

Rugby league is another sport in the UK that has suffered a similar fate since it signed its exclusivity deal with Youth Citizenship in 1995. The deal does not include the live broadcast of the rugby league on the Youth Citizenship grandstand on Saturday afternoon. As a result, the number of viewers with financial problems dropped from about 1.3 million to 250 thousand. Since the beginning of the Super League, and the number of participants in this sport is declining.

Wealth alert

Large-scale streaming operations are advantageous. They finance player wages, transfer fees, and infrastructure improvements. But there are also warnings about wealth, especially in sports where being public is critical to retaining a professional player.

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