HubSpot: A Beneficial Marketing Automation & CRM Tool

It is without any question about the requirement of marketing software for a business? As per outcomes of a study in 2019, it was revealed that almost 75% marketers utilize some sort of marketing automation tool. This percentage gives an insight that marketing automation platforms have become mandatory for marketing practices.

Amongst many marketing & CRM systems, HubSpot will be our focus in this document. We would like to have a discussion since it is regarded as one of the effective marketing automation and CRM tools.

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  1.       Tracking Marketing Activities

Knowingly, HubSpot is an extremely useful tool for inbound marketing to promote your business offerings. It suggests keyword-based content strategies, SEO tactics and schedule social media posts. You cannot organize your digital marketing campaigns only, but track their outcomes as well.

This competitive threshold of it doesn’t allow you to pay for other analytical tools. Besides, it has a content management system (CMS) along with a variety of content templates and a responsive design. In short, creating a blog, finding keywords and scheduling posts have become effortless.

  1.       Converting Traffic into Leads

Leads are your potential customers. They are the ones whom you have to grab and convert them into a fruitful customer. HubSpot lets you do that. It allows you to publish, promote and optimize the content on social media, blogs, and search engines in the right way.

By finding the right and adequate content, users get attracted and try to find what is more in the path. They associate with the brand and wish to be a buyer of the business offerings.

  1.       Organized Email Campaigns

In current times, sending manual emails to prospects is a blunder. Your subscribers just do not read emails only, but they look forward to it. HubSpot also helps in creating email marketing campaigns as well. Its email tool enables you to create perfectly crafter marketing emails to involve your active subscribers.

After making your email list, you just need to select your email campaign type and prepare a schedule. In this, you will be carving a plan when to contact them. This consistent schedule and automated email campaigns will double up the results.

  1.       Superlative CMS for Customization

Content management system is the framework for building a website. HubSpot doesn’t leave you stranded if you have to make a blog or website. There is no need to look for another CMS if you are a user of HubSpot. Being a marketer, you have the facility of creating and managing your own website.

Isn’t it great to have a website design, its content, HTML, security, personalization, performance, analytics, and social media integration under a single platform?

  1.       Generate Landing Pages

A landing page is the website page where the user lands after clicking on an ad. It is the page which is having a CTA button and requires the user to fulfill the desired action. With HubSpot, you can create an optimized landing page with the help of CMS.

Its customized and drag-and-drop features make the process a lot easier for you. The essential elements like headline, image, lead form, call to action, and last but not least compelling copy description.

  1.       Integrated CRM & Other Tools

One of the other benefits of HubSpot is that it provides CRM tools as well. Customer relationship management is an important facet of the marketing and sales field. Rather than looking for a discrete CRM software, HubSpot provides you ease in that. You can improve customer relationships by making timely contacts with them.

Apart from CRM, it also facilitates to connect with other tools as well. Suppose, if you are having a WordPress website and you think you can’t use a CRM tool, then it is certainly not like that. 

Final Words:
HubSpot is more than a CRM and marketing automation tool. If you plan to have a smooth marketing venture, then make it a part of your resources. If you want a customized marketing automation tool or just CRM software, ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. got your back. As an ISO-certified software development company, we have dedicated resources to build quality enterprise solutions to benefit your business.  

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