In the modern world, social networks have become something mundane and familiar, like coffee in the morning. Every day people leaf through endless social media feeds. networks, post photos / videos, write their thoughts, communicate with relatives or conduct online negotiations with colleagues. Today, there are about 3.5 billion social users in the world. networks, and this figure continues to grow.

So what does the top 8 social networks look like among users?

1. Facebook


For a long time, Facebook has been the leader among Internet users. Danae sots. the network has been in launch since February 2004. Today the platform has over 3 billion users. The current Facebook logo remains virtually unchanged from the original version – the inscription “facebook” on a blue background in Klavika Bold.  between users, the promotion of services or company goods. The majority of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising revenue.

2. YouTube

On this platform, the video view rate reaches a billion hours daily. Therefore, it is not surprising that YouTube is firmly in the second position in the rankings. This social network has been around since 2005 and allows you to create channels and promote your personal brand. Also, the platform is a convenient search engine with which you can find information of interest in video format. Since 2017, a red “Play” button has appeared in front of the logo, and next to “YouTube” in black. The number of users exceeds 2 billion. YouTube makes money mainly from monetization (showing ads in videos).

3. WhatsApp

Users of this social. networks, there are about 2 billion. WhatsApp, created in 2009, is a convenient messenger with audio and video communication. The company’s logo is a text cloud with a phone inside on a green background, which is a direct indicator of the main function of WhatsApp as a messaging application.

4. Instagram


Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. Since 2010, over 1 billion users have joined this platform. Thanks to frequent updates, the number of Instagram profiles promises to grow exponentially. The first company logo was a brown camera. Today, bright colors have been introduced into the logo, due to the rapid development and diversity of the audience. The advantages of this social. network for business is advanced analytics, using the data of which you can increase reach and develop a brand.

5. Tik Tok

The platform for short videos was created in the fall of 2016, and very quickly entered the top social networks. The number of active users of the application exceeds 800 million. Tik Tok is aimed at a young audience and provides an opportunity for everyone to create original videos with various effects and new editing. The company’s logo is a graphic emblem – a schematic representation of a note with colors reminiscent of a 3D filter. To the right of the picture is the name of the application. Tik Tok’s annual revenue is around $ 160-180 million.

6. Snapchat

This platform is used by over 390 million people. Snapchat has the advantage of self-destructing messages. The user chooses a limited period in which the recipient can see the sent photo or video. The application can rightfully be called one of the fastest for sharing photos. The company’s logo, created in 2011, is a white ghost with a black outline on a yellow background.

7. Twitter


The microblogging platform, launched in 2006, has more than 386 million users. The application allows you to exchange texts, with a limit of characters (maximum 280). The company logo is a blue bird. This symbol has several meanings:

1) association with the name of social. networks (“tweet” – tweets);

2) endless possibilities;

3) fast, like a flap of wings, the spread of short messages.

8. Pinterest

An aesthetic social network used by about 366 million people. The platform is convenient because in the application you can create photo albums, group them by topic, and exchange audiovisual files.

A wide variety of social networks allows everyone to choose the most suitable way of communication and entertainment. This collection contains only the most popular platforms, but there are still many analogs and completely new applications that have not yet managed to attract a large number of users.

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