Reasons why Businesses Adopt Cloud-based Phone Systems

Effective communication within an organization is essential for a smooth-running business. In today’s fast-paced business world, there is an ever-increasing need for effective communication. Despite the demand, it’s easy to fall into chaos without a clear idea of how to communicate effectively.

With cloud telephony services, it’s been easier to communicate, and small businesses implement IVR, call routing, and call scheduling at an affordable cost with no capital outlay. It is a great way to scale your business to accommodate an ever-growing number of customers providing a cost-effective solution. In this blog, we will discuss how cloud-based phone systems help businesses optimize their operations and revenue and why business owners use cloud-hosted voice or phone systems.

What is Cloud Telephony? 

Cloud telephony allows users to transfer voice and data from their onsite phone systems to remote locations. It provides seamless communication offering a wide range of benefits to businesses.

Remote users who access the cloud telephony system can use their own devices and software, whether they are at home or any other location. The system’s automation tools, and software make it easy to set up multiple user accounts, increase security and manage devices easily and effectively.

Cloud telephony is gaining recognition rapidly, especially among small businesses and startups, because of its low cost. Despite being cost-effective, it offers advanced unified communication features that businesses need to grow.

Why is Cloud Telephony Beneficial to Business? 

Cloud has driven small businesses to continue to soar and is the key opportunity to improve their business and grow. It allows employees to make and receive calls from anywhere and on any device. It increases productivity, quick and easy implementation, allows remote access, and is cost-saving.

  • Exciting new features

It allows access to unique features that are impossible with the traditional phone system. It gives access to a virtual assistant who can attend the calls when you are not free. It means you will not miss out on any leads or business opportunities. Also, you can access the message later, as the message will be saved on your device.

Another option of cloud phone system is to customise your number to make it regional, free, or national to attract customers so that messages can be sent easily. Also, you can have branded number for easy remembrance, making calls easier, and support marketing and brand awareness.

Another feature is you can create your interactive voice response system to connect directly with the department they want to talk to.

  • Scalable, flexible, and customized solutions

Cloud telephony solutions configure call handling in a manner to meet their needs. You can modify how to route the calls and additional features to include, such as call recordings, text message notifications, call queues, etc.

Flexibility is the major advantage of the cloud solution as it is easy to adapt without software customization. Another advantage is that if the market trend changes, cloud telephony is still an ideal solution as it provides all the latest required features without paying extra charges.

  • Simplifies work 

Cloud communication allows you to store and retrieve all information on a single dashboard. For example, you use separate business communication for audio and video conferences and keep the info in various locations, which might create a huge mess. It also disturbs everyone’s flow of work.

Therefore, centralized storage makes it easier to find the data and records of the previous conversation and keeps the staff focused. Apart from saving money, it eliminates the need for multiple platform management, tedious billing, and tracking of various vendors.

  • Safe and secure communications

One of the significant advantages of cloud based phone system is that there is no fear of loosing data security when company data is stored outside the local firewall. Cloud telephony solution guarantees interruption in work. It also provides privacy while dealing with sensitive customers. Call encryption, round-the-clock network monitoring, single-sign-on, and call masking (incoming and outgoing) are just a few security benefits of using a cloud communications service.


Business phones are just as important as the other technologies you use in your business. They allow your employees to make internal calls, take external calls and do business on the go. The type of phone system you choose can greatly impact how well your business runs, and several options are available today.

Contact Necall voice and data Systems, the cloud-based phone service, to avail cost-effective cloud-based telephone system. It doesn’t require a large initial investment and can be scaled up as your business grows. It offers flexibility and can use them to communicate with customers and employees from any device or platform.

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