10 Best Employee Time Tracking Software for Small Businesses

We only outlined a few of the best options listed here, but there are many other business software packages that are available with employee time tracking. Of course, you will want to consider other factors as well, such as cost and ease of use. But if you are looking for a small business time tracking software, this article will provide you with some top options to consider.

For a small business, time-tracking software is very important because it helps to track productivity, employee attendance, and working hours. The information also helps to analyze employees’ performance and increase their efficiency. Keeping records of the work timings will help the company utilize the time effectively without any wastage.

List of Top 10 employee time tracking software for small businesses

1. DeskTrack

DeskTrack – Employee time tracking software DeskTrack is the best employee time-tracking software for small businesses. You can keep track of employee working hours and the time spent on specific tasks or projects. With DeskTrack you can have a detailed overview of your company staff activity. It doesn’t matter what they do with their time at work – tasks are done, meetings attended, calls made, etc., as long as it is logged on DeskTrack.

Desktrack is a great time tracking software program, designed specifically for small businesses. It is highly customizable and incredibly powerful while providing an easy-to-use interface.

Optimizing your business processes is essential for getting the most out of your time and employees’ resources. Time tracking software is a good way of doing this because it makes it easier to see where time is being spent. DeskTrack can save you time in payroll processing and provide a better overview of your business.

2. Toggl

Toggl is a free and easy-to-use employee time-tracking software that enables you to manage the time your employees spend on specific projects. this tool automatically tracks the time you spend on a project, so you don’t have to. Simply start tracking and this tool will record the length of time you spent on specific projects.

So there you have it. tool is a great software for business owners with employees to use. They can make their employees more efficient, and save precious time in the process. As far as any other contractor or freelancer is concerned, they also benefit from using tool as they can get an accurate account of their day-to-day work and even plan better moving forward.

There is plenty of time-tracking software out there in the market that you can use to track the activities of your employees and the tasks they have accomplished. In this article, we will give out an unbiased review of one such time tracker which has been well-known for its outstanding features and usability. So if you are looking for a time tracking software to manage your employees better, then read on to find out more about software.

3. Harvest

If you have any experience at all in the world of time tracking, you know there are different types of options out there. There is no type of app that is going to be ideal for everyone. Based on your needs, you will want to choose the best employee time tracking software for small businesses. Consider these pros and cons of Harvest before finalizing your decision.

Harvest is a time tracker that can be used both by your employees and yourself. The app shows you what time they spent on each task, their current status, and their progress. Its popularity is growing rapidly and companies are adopting it as one of their time-tracking software solutions.

4. Clockify

For a small business, Clockify software is the best employee time tracking software option that you can go with if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on employee time monitoring solutions. This software is simple to use and very affordable option for tracking all your employee timesheets and clocking into and out of their shifts. That’s why many small business owners choose this software over the other expensive solutions in the market.

Clockify is a software that allows you to keep track of the hours worked by your employees and gives plenty of reporting options for you to catalog when, how long and where the work was done. It is a simple software that offers only what it needs to and not more, which may make some users prefer other similar solutions on the market but if you just want a basic software to track employee time Clockify is all you need.

5. Hubstaff

Hubstaff Talent is a well-put-together and functionally rich time-tracking software that’s also very affordable. In most cases, it’s probably the best option for small businesses to manage their employee’s tasks and hours.

Are you considering a time-tracking tool for your small business? If so, you have likely realized by now that there is plenty of options when it comes to time recording software. The fact of the matter is that Hubstaff has more features than most of the other services on the market, making it a great choice for almost any type of organization.

Hubstaff is a time tracking, productivity, and business intelligence solution that helps thousands of businesses all over the world to outsource, manage, track and analyze their remote teams. It is a perfect software for both small and large businesses as it offers all kinds of time-tracking functionalities based on today’s needs.

6. TimeCamp

Timecamp can help any company to gain more control over its operations. Your employees will be able to quickly go through and track their working hours, helping every department work as efficiently as possible. Online time tracking automatically turns into invoices, contract monitoring, and the ability to estimate the labor costs involved in new projects – a great way to improve your business decision-making and make your operation run smoother.

TimeCamp is easy to implement and intuitive to use, which makes it a great choice for anyone stepping in and giving remote time tracking a try for the first time. It is the best option out there if you need to keep track of employee time on job sites where an internet connection isn’t always a guarantee.

7. Everhour

Employment-based software products like Everhour should be used by everyone looking to keep up with their staff activity. At the end of the day, having an effective time-monitoring product will give you more time to delegate tasks and concentrate on growing your business. Multi-employee tracking software may not be a necessity for all businesses – but it is definitely advantageous for all small businesses.

Everhour truly changed the way I look at time tracking in my company. Starting at $14/mo it’s a great value for time tracking and even more so for employee productivity. I used to waste time logging every activity on various systems and now I just throw all that information into Everhour. Also, as online software, everhour provides shareable dashboards so a quick glance at what my team is doing and where I need to help out has never been easier.

8. Paymo

In the end, Paymo has helped my staff save time. Not only do they no longer lose track of their time. But they find it easier to track the hours they worked at the end of each day. And I personally don’t have to waste time entering timesheets or checking up on employees. With customers like that, I don’t see how any small business could be anything else. But satisfied with Paymo’s time-tracking software for small businesses.

9. ClickTime

We find that ClickTime makes it easy for non-technical business owners to set up and track time using the different methods they have the option to add. Since most of our clients are in service industries. They need a solution that provides multiple ways to track time to provide more flexible results.

There is also a subscription plan, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. Clicktime has a lot of tools and is quite easy to use and track time. At $10 per employee per month, it might seem pricey. But the fact that it is so good will quickly make you forget this minor issue.

10. Tick

Tick’s online employee time tracking software is perfect for small business owners. Who wants to keep track of how employees are spending their time. It’s easy to set up, it’s accessible from any device, and there are endless customization options available to users. Plus, Tick is a solid choice for all-in-one businesses who want to try out multiple features in one system.


The best employee time tracking software for small businessess is determined by the business’s needs.

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