Top 7 YouTube Vlogs

Vlogging is short for Video Blogging and has taken the internet by storm in recent years. Vlogs have been around since before YouTube, but the rise of the world’s largest video content platform marked a significant shift in their development as a distinct medium from blogging.

Making it far easier to upload, share and interact with a subscriber base means YouTube and Vlogging has now become synonymous. Check out these 7 Vlogging stars who give us a window into their exciting lives and bring us along for the adventure.


Casey Neistat arguably single handedly created the Vlogging revolution. With a background as a traditional film-maker he brought new insights to how a vlog could be produced which have become thematic and stylistic staples virtually everyone now imitates.

Casey is a master at making technically sophisticated shots and editing look effortless and casual. Join him on his adventures around New York city with his motorised skateboard, hand-held camera and confessional, all access style.

MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

MrMobile is the brainchild of Michael Fisher. The channel centres around exploring and reviewing the latest in electronic devices. What distinguishes Michael’s work from many other similar channels is the attention to detail in his videos and his free-flowing vlogging style.

Michael believes that the best way to understand how a piece of tech can benefit your life is to test it in the real world. To this end his reviews centre around prolonged field tests like travelling with a new phone to see how it performs on the road, this makes the experience uniquely entertaining to watch along.

Matt D’Avella

Matt is a film-maker and budding lifestyle guru with a penchant for minimal living. Each video explores topics relating to the themes of decluttering, intentional living and productivity. Matt is interested in how to live well, and wants to share his research and experiments with you. Inventive, quirky and peppered with comedy skits featuring his partner Natalie, Matt’s channel is heartfelt as well as informative.


Hailing from sunny Middlesborough, UK is Plumbella, the pink-haired irreverent Twitch streamer with a fascination for The Sims. For many this is a nostalgia trip back to a time when it seemed everyone was playing the classic life simulation title for Windows computers.

Plumbella plays both old and recent iterations of The Sims, as well as reviewing related games, mods and add-ons. Ultimately the gameplay serves as a window into Plumbellla’s zany world and random sense of humour that will be sure to have you giggling along.


Professional poker player Marle Cordeiro has become a firm favourite among many and a rising star on the platform. Her vlog picked up steam fast, gaining an audience even among those with no interest in poker. Subscribers are drawn in by Cordeiro’s engaging blend of quirky humour, comedy skits and intriguing tales of a life lived in Las Vegas, in and out of high-stakes tournaments.


Join British automotive vlogger Tim Shmee on a journey through all that is loud and fast in the world of cutting-edge supercar tech. Tim puts you in the driving seat of some of the most iconic cars of past and present. With exclusive track race days and behind the scenes looks at in-production sports cars, his sole wish is to invite the viewer along to share in his excitement. His channel also features in-depth interviews with the masterminds behind the machines.


Jenna is the most viewed female YouTuber in the world with over 19 million subscribers to date. Jenna’s comedy vlogs have been one of the major break-through successes of vlogging as an emergent medium with traditional media outlets covering her and introducing many new viewers to her work and to the concept of vlogging itself.

In 2015 Jenna became the very first YouTuber to have a wax-work model of her created and displayed in Madame Tussauds in New York. While currently on-hiatus, Marbles has a 10 years worth of comedy content to sift through and will hopefully return to her regular schedule before long.

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